Chair Massage

Chair Massage On-Site is available.
Why on-site massage?

  • An on-site massage:
    -Is convenient - the therapist comes directly to you with portable massage equipment.
    -Involves no tables, sheets or oils-yor seated massage takes place directly through your clothing.
    -Won't disrupt your work day - massage is usually about 15 to 20 minutes in duration (about the same as a coffee break)
    -Invigorates you as it loosens your tense muscles and stimulates your blood circulation.
    -Enhances your ability to think and concentrate as the circulation of oxygen-rich blood to your brain and body is increased.
    -Alleviate some of the pain of chronic job-related conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Your massage therapist can address your specific problem areas.


Why Massage?
Managing your stress with massage can increase energy and help reduce stress related disorders.

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