The Center For Therapeutic Massage

relaxation and healing

The Center for Therapeutic Massage offers a wide range of massage and holistic health services. We specialize in helping individuals recover from acute or chronic injuries. From Swedish massage to aromatherapy to myofascial release, we customize each session to best suit our clients' needs. 


Relax Under Pressure

People say they begin to relax the minute they walk into our office. The elegant decor, fresh flowers, tranquil setting and soothing music set the stage for a deeply relaxing and healing experience. Our licensed massage therapists have years of experience and a deep commitment to offering the highest quality massage available in our area, and we are all proponents of continuing education, staying up to date on the latest research and techniques so we can continue to offer our clients the best possible care.


Holistic Health

Our philosophy is about respecting and taking care of our bodies and minds and treating ourselves well. Holistic health views a human being as a whole unit, a balance of physical, mental and spiritual aspects, not just a sum of separate parts. Holistic health is not just the absence of disease, but a dynamic state of well-being, leaving it up to the individual to determine how close he or she will come to optimal health. 


Why Massage

Massage has long been a powerful solution to relax and relieve. Medical research shows that a stressful lifestyle is linked to many physical ailments, and massage can be a powerful remedy against stress-related hormones.